Notes from the studio (II)

Comes from Notes from the studio (I)

Here we go! Nerds time!


we used the studio’s 1964 Ludwig Super Classic kit. Andy brought his cymbals and snare, that we used along with a 1970 Ludwig Acrolite.

Mics/channels (we tested a few options before, this is why you may see other mics in the pics):

  • Kick: Beyerdynamic Opus 65 in, Aston Spirit out.


  • Snare: Beyerdynamic M201 top/ I think Telefunken M80 bottom.
  • Stereo OH: vintage Beyerdynamic M 260’s, pointing as in the picture


  • Toms: Audio Technica M23.
  • “Drum Wurst”: Beyerdynamic M88. you can see here what this drum wurst is:


  • Room: we started with a Coles/STC 4021C that we soon changed for a RCA 74-B Junior Velocity. We used it in different positions, and even mounted it as mono OH in some tracks.


  • Pedal bus: as it sounds: passing drum mic send through Adam’s pedalboard (ask him for details :-D)


  • Plate reverb bus, using a 1960 EMT 140 plate (nice…)


Just Joe’s Japanese Fender Jaguar into a UAD 2-610 tube preamp. We’ll see later what we’ll do with this clean DI signal.


We used 5 different guitars:

  • 2013 Gibson Les Paul 1959 RI
  • 2012 Gibson ES 330 1959 RI
  • 2009 Fender Strat CS ’63 “Total Tone”
  • Custom made 1963 Gibson SG replica by Igor Jáuregui
  • Custom made “La Cabronita” telecaster, assembled and painted by RH guitars.

We took a DI track with an Avalon U5 only after a wah wah pedal, and after the Avalon we would go to a RI Princeton Reverb or a Dr Z Remedy. We used an ISO cab miked with a SM 57 (I think!)


We took 2 simultaneous tracks using a vintage U87 (respect when you’re singing on one of these!) and a Beyerdynamic M88.

Adam also passed the vocals through the pedals, plus an additional track on the plate reverb or a vintage Roland Chorus Echo RE501 tape delay.

4 tracks in total: U87, M88, pedals and either reverb or tape delay.


I’m not sure what exactly was used for, but Adam used vintage dbx160A I think on bass drum, a nice old UREI 1176 LN and a 8 ins Focusrite ISA 828.


more to come

Notes from the studio (I)


We’ve recently spent a few days at Pinhole Sound Studio in Manchester. A small and cozy studio with plenty of nice vintage and non vintage gear…

We split the sessions in a full weekend plus Monday and Tuesday evening. The initial scope, tracking drums and DI main guitar and bass for 11 songs, but we ended up (yeah, we’re that good and we did lot of 1st takes!) tracking drums, main guitars, DI bass, all lead vocals, most of the backing vocals and percussion, plus a bonus track.

I strongly recommend Pinhole… Adam is a sound guy, definitively knows what he’s doing. Not only technically, but also he knows how to work with bands: we told him what we were looking for, and that is what we got, plus a long list of features that he proposed and that took the thing to the next level.

More to come…IMG_7940

(picture by Pinhole Sound Studio)

Live @ The Inn on The Wharf performance and Interview

past 20th of May we played in Burnley thanks to our friends of The Shift TV. After the gig somebody decided it was a good idea to conduct the interview in a barge… it definitively was!

One of our most surrealistic situations we’ve been so far as a band… it was more a party than an interview. Pity we had to drive back home!

Thanks to Wayne, Natasha and all the guys.

Looking forward to next time in Burnley!

This is the video: Interview and Performance

Kicking off

We’re starting this, despite I don’t know how the fuck to make a website!!

We are in summer mode, mixing holidays with a few gigs and (most important) getting ready to record our 2nd album probably in September.

Again it will be self recorded, self produced… will probably get it mastered properly as that is totally out of my budget 😀

These below are our next dates in town. You can also subscribe to the Upcoming Events calendar.

Stay tuned!